Oils for sale

We’ve always got some oils from some of Europe’s top farms to sell at very reasonable prices, names such as Sabino Leone and Pianogrillo as well as other smaller producers. The list below are some of the oils we have available to buy in single bottles or tins. Shipping is charged at a flat rate of £5.50 in the UK and is free for orders over £50 and on all orders in the Oxford area. If you’re interested in cases, larger quantities, or would like us to source something for you, drop us a line here

Oil nameFarmVolumeCultivar(s)HarvestPriceBuy
Olio EV PianogrilloPianogrillo, Sicily, Italy250ml (tin)Tonda iblea2016£10.00Add to cart
Don Gioacchino Sabino Leone, Puglia, Italy250ml (bottle)Coratina2016£12.00Add to cart
ArbequinaCasas de Hualdo, Toledo, Spain250ml (bottle)Arbequina2016£6.50Add to cart
Guadagnòlo PrimusFattoria Ramerino, Tuscany, Italy250ml (bottle)Moraiolo, frantoio, leccino2016£13.50Add to cart